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What some of the Band leaders say about me:-

"One of the liveliest Callers on the scene - a real entertainer" - Lyn Cooper

"We have worked with John as our Caller on many occasions and he's never been less that 100% professional. Just as important is his good humour and personable nature, always putting band and client at ease and ensuring a fun night for all concerned. The term 'safe hands' always comes to mind when I book John Mac for a ceilidh - he's The Man!!" - Dan Britton

“We had a great fun night with "Maca the Caller" - dancers and band" - Heather Hawthorn

"I have played for Maca in various circumstances from outdoor fun sessions to celebrations at stately homes and have never known his infection, enthusiasm and sense of fun, fail to inspire even the most in-experienced and "reluctant" dancer, whilst his range and choice of dances offer challenges to regular (folkies) - he is simply the best!" - Peter Brine

"Never a dull moment with John. Amusement and entertainment all evening for all ages." Lyndsey Hurdley

"John has a style and wit that charms and coaxes even the most reticent audience on to the dance floor." - Michael Sanders

What some of the organisers say:-

"Over the last 7 years we have held a charity event for LOROS and we always book John as the Caller. Regardless of the inexperience of some of our guests, John walks and talks them through the dances, and then keeps an eye on them as the dance progresses. Even the guests not dancing enjoy the banter that goes on between John, the guests and the Band. It would not be the same without him. - Dave and Vern, Syston

"John is the best Caller I have ever booked for a gig. I have booked him several times over the years for various events. He gets everyone going with a great sense of humour. The last gig John did for me was my daughter's 18th; what a sight to see all these 17-18 year olds cool youths joining in and having a laugh and a dance with all us grissled veterens. John made the party go with a swing - a very memorable event." Simon, East Sussex